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Web Development

Web development can be very easy or difficult depending on what you are looking for as an end result. When looking for a personal web site there are many easy options one can look into. When looking to build a business online or to supplement your offline business web development takes on a whole other angle.

Gravity Edusoft creates impressive custom online applications for our clients' businesses. We take pride in providing ongoing support and development for all of our web projects. Unlike some other web design companies we do more than just code your application - we seek to understand your business and how it work. Only by doing this can we then provide you with a fully functional web application which works for you and more importantly your target audience.

Android Development

Most manufacturers like Samsung, LG , HTC, Motorola, Toshiba have chosen android as operating system for mobiles and tablets because Android is an open source operating system. Now android is not just an operating system for mobiles, it is widely being used for different type of devices like TV, TV set top boxes and lots more. Android has become the most widely accepted operating system for mobiles in the industry and this wide use of android on different type of devices has provided opportunities for a wide range of applications.

What we can do for you?

We are developing android applications for different companies to extend their business models as follows:

  1. More and more innovative apps and games are being developed utilizing capabilities of device like GPS , sensors, camera, NFC ,3D etc.
  2. Companies from different industries from Finance, Health, Insurance, Shopping, Education etc are developing their mobile applications to extent their business models to handheld devices.
  3. Android apps are being developed to improve productivity in various fields like Workflow management, real time reporting and task management etc.
  4. Different  kind of apps on social media, communication, multimedia and entertainment have redefined the lifestyle, social life and habits of mobile users.

Please feel free to discuss with us your application ideas, technical feasibility and free quotes.

Please check few of our Android apps in android market : – https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Gravity+Edusoft